Mariental Triathlon - 6th of October

The MWeb Mariental Triathlon took place at the Hardap dam on Saturday the 06th of October. The organisers once again arranged an excellent event that was enjoyed by all.

Africa's top triathlete Hendrik de Villiers won the elite men's category in an excellent time of 2H03M05S. Claire Kinsley managed to win the elite ladies category for the second time in a time of 2H30M03S.

For pictures of the event select the relevant leg of the event below.


char said...

Thanks OTB for Always being so up to date with all the event details, pictures and comentries. You do a Great Job.
Next year every one would know that Mariental is the First week of October. . That teams, individuals and beginners are all encouraged to go . .Everyone will be prepare and Fit, because OTB will be informing them in advance. . viva OTB!!

Claus said...

Nice Photos (especially the very tired guy grinning like an idiot that does not knoweth his end is near)