Pupkewitz Jetty Mile - Record Numbers

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The annual Pupkewitz Jetty Mile took place on Saturday at the Tiger Reef Beach Bar. The main event consists of a one mile sea swim from Tiger Reef, around the Jetty and into The Mole and then a one mile run back to Tiger Reef Beach Bar. For those that felt the full mile was too much a half mile swim was held at the same time in The Mole. Around 80 people participated, and the beach setting, run route and weekend ensured lots of spectators.

Undefeated overall winner and first Scholar was Max Siedentopf in a time of 38.01, showing why he is one of Namibia's best swimmers and all he was capable of in the open water. First female to cross the line was 15 year old Vera Adrian, a multi talented athlete, and top Namibian cyclist in a time of 45.10. Charmaine Shannon was first Female in the Open category in a time of 52.47. The Male Open category was won by Paul Brinkman in a time of 43.46.

The youngest participant in the full mile swim was 11 year old Tony Rostin. The oldest was 70 year old Bill Jooste, no small feat when you consider the swim distance, currents, waves and the mental element of swimming beyond the breakers in the big blue.

Otb Sports said they were delighted with the turn out and believe the event will only grow as the unique beach setting and the adrenalin of open water swimming will continue to draw in more and more participants.

First to cross the line, Max Siedentopf, received a N$1000 cash prize sponsored by CB Enterprises. Vera Adrian received N$500 in cash. N$900 of cash prizes was also sponsored by Danric Auto BMW.

Mr Pupkewitz, the primary sponsor of the event addressed the swimmers at the prize giving, key to his address was the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body and how the discipline and competitive elements of sport were also the basis of any successful business or enterprise.

Otb sport also gives a big thanks to all the people who assisted with the organisation of the event. The time keeping and administration assistance - Samantha, Stef, Taryn and Linzi. Archie from Laramon tours for his vital assistance with water safety and setting out of buoys - without him an event like this would not be possible. Stephen (the newly web), Marc, Braam and Gregory for for invaluable assistance on the canoes and Otb Staff, especially Ron, for assistance prior to event and on the day.

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