Pupkewitz Jetty Mile

28th of December 2007

Tiger Reef Beach Bar was the venue for the inaugural Pupkewitz Jetty Mile. With over 65 entrants the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile is the biggest open water swim in Namibia. Participants of the main event swam one mile from the Aquarium to The Mole and then did a one mile run back to the Tiger Reef Beach Bar.

Sea conditions were tough with big swell and cold temperatures (13 degrees) but it all added to the general excitement of the event and finishers were rewarded with a large group of spectators basking in late afternoon sun shine.

The first overall winner and winner of the Male Scholar category was Maximilian Siedentopf in a time of 29 min. 54 sec. Bobby-Jo Bassingthwaite was first female in and winner of the Open Female category, Corinna Wahl won first Female scholar and Alex Ray won Open Male category.

Event organizers, OTB Sport, also arranged a parallel rookie event which took place in The Mole. The winners of the Rookie were Ilke Preschel and Neurath Botha.

Based on the success of the inaugural event and following the generous commitment from Mr. Pupkewitz to sponsor the event annually, the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile is sure to become one of the key events on the Namibian sports calendar!

Here are all the results and see some pictures from the Tiger Reef side and from the Main Beach.

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