Verizon Off-Road Triathlon

30th of March 2008

Great conditions contributed to the successful Verizon Off-Road Triathlon that took place on Sunday the 30th of March at the Friedenau Dam. More than 120 participants took part in the event - making it the biggest triathlon in Namibia!

Paddy Murphy, pictured left, was the overall male winner of the tough Full Event which consisted of a one mile swim, 21km off-Road cycle and grueling 8.4km off-road (and often off-path) run that afforded breath taking views of the dam. Paddy will take part in the Xterra Race in South Africa in the middle of April so the win this weekend was a nice warm-up for namibia's top triathlete. Patrick de Goede was overall 2nd and Tokkie Bombosch 3rd. Zoey Mitchell, who is in top form and will be partaking in the Iron Man this month in P.E, was the overall female winner, with Elke Jagau 2nd and Molley Fonner overall 3rd.

The Male Team category was won by the Otb Sport Team, just seconds ahead of the Mixed Team winner Prowealth. The Rookie Male event was won by Pierre Van Rensburg and Charmaine Shannon won the Female Rookie.

Otb Sport attributes the success of the event to the growing popularity of off-road events both on a local and international level. We believe Namibians are excited by off-roading and Namibia as a country lends itself to this type of sport. The Verizon Off- Road had a lot of first time triathletes partaking and many social teams that added a new dimension to the sport.

Verizon representative and participant, Ingram Van Heerden, said that he personally feels it’s one of the top, if not the top event, of the last couple of years!
See all the results HERE and click on the relevant link below to see picutes of the event:

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